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About Us

About Innova Company

Innova srl is an innovative startup started in 2018 by partners from scientific and industrial fields. The company inherits experience and expertise as well as numerous innovative projects previously developed by the partners and is mainly dedicated to the conception, development, engineering and production of innovative, integrated and complex systems, also in synergy with other companies. It operates in the fields of scientific instrumentation for Earth/Space applications, medical robotics, telemedicine, in the field of intelligent exoskeletons for mobility, in the fields of energy and sustainable mobility.

Innova is one of the world's leading companies in the field of integrated technologies for science and industry, devising and producing advanced robotic systems, optical components, systems, and components in the renewable energy sector of sustainable mobility and medicine, with the realization of intelligent exoskeletons for the mobility of the elderly and disabled. Innova designs and manufactures large solar trackers for both concetration and conventional photovoltaics. Experience in the field of scientific instrumentation and small, medium and large telescopes make INNOVA a world leader in the ability to design and manufacture systems of great complexity in the field of astronomical research. For this reason, it is integrated into WWL World Wide Laboratories and is responsible for the detailed design of the New Generation Ground Based Green Telescope. All systems built by Innova meet the most advanced security and connectivity protocols.

Innova has customers in several countries around the world and is one of the distributors in terms of sales in various fields, from optics to mechanics, from motion control to sowtware. It supports customers in defining new system strategy and product specifications, providing extensive and timely technical and scientific support to improve the inherent competitiveness of the customer's program. The company continues to expand its product line and services to meet emerging customer needs.

  • Smart and connected exoskeletons for dependent elderly and disabled people
  • Devices in the medical field for the protection of operating personnel
  • Navigators to support minimally invasive prosthetic hip surgery
  • Innovative activities in the field of biocompatible polymers

Renewables & Sustainability

  • Energy Production Control & Remote Control

  • Web Energy & Energy Management

  • CPV Concentrating Photovoltaic Turnkey Systems

  • Concentrating Photovoltaic Modules, Trackers and Controllers

  • Wind Turbines

  • Sustainability Motion

  • Renewable Energies Systems & Components

  • Wind Photovoltaic & Concentrating Photovoltaic Systems

  • Custom Engineered Solutions
  • Electromechanical Assembly
  • Data Acquisition Systems & Remote Control
  • Industrial Test Stands
  • CNC Machining Manufacturing
  • Test Stands for Science & Industry

  • Advanced Fast and Precise Pointing anfd Tracking Systems
  • Active & Adaptive Optics                                              
  • High precision Optical Components and Systems Design and Manufacturing
  • Large Very Large & Extremely Large Optical & IR Telescopes
  • Advanced Instrumentation & Components for Astronomy
  • Small Medium & Large Robotic Optical & IR Telescopes
  • Telescopes Hydrostatic Support Systems
  • Computer Controlled Polishing and Polishing Machines Manufacturing
  • Termally Preformed Optics
  • Ground & Moon Based Space Systems & Components
  • Hexapodes - Focal Planes - XYZ Micropositioners
  • Submicron Positioners and Embedded Measurement Systems
  • Optics Computer Controlled Polishing Machines
  • Robotics & Advanced Robotics
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