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About us

About Innova Company

is dedicated in producing quality multidisciplinary high level turnkey systems. The Company invests more that 40%  in applied research. Innova thirty plus years of experience, as well as our unique blend of capabilities (Complex & Integrated Ground and Space Systems), allows us to provide specific, cost-effective solutions for harsh-environment applications in our product lines:

Innova is one of the world's leading high level technologies company and an advanced manufacturer of commercial and advanced products for science and industry. Additionally, Innova designs and manufactures advanced robotics systems, electronic and defense systems, optical components, systems and components in renewables fields, and advanced information and communication systems. As a service provider, Innova produces large solar trackers, small, medium and large size telescopes and launched and manages the Big Telescope Foundation for the design and realization of the 100m size, telescope, actually the biggest and more competitive project all over the world. Innova also provides numerous commercial components and systems other than a detailed and very fast support service in all technological fields.  

Innova has customers in several countries around the world and is one of the distributor in terms of sales in various fiels, from optics to mechanics, from motion control to sowtware. Innova supports customers in the definition of the new system strategy defining all components and and provide a wide and prompt scientific and technical support to improve the intrinsic competition ort the customer program. The company continues to expand its product line and services to meet emerging customer needs. The broad range of capabilities includes creating new, more efficient members of its commercial industrial components family; integrating advanced platforms, integrated systems through network-centric operations; creating advanced technology solutions; and arranging innovative customer-financing solutions.

Headquartered in Naples,
Innova employs people across Italy and in other countries. This represents one of the most diverse, talented and innovative workforces anywhere.

Renewables & Sustainability

  • Energy Production Control & Remote Control

  • Web Energy & Energy Management

  • CPV Concentrating Photovoltaic Turnkey Systems

  • Concentrating Photovoltaic Modules, Trackers and Controllers

  • Wind Turbines

  • Sustainability Motion

  • Renewable Energies Systems & Components

  • Wind Photovoltaic & Concentrating Photovoltaic Systems

Advanced Applications

  • Ground & Moon Based Space Systems & Components

  • Thermally Preformed Optics

  • Hexapodes - Focal Planes - XYZ Micropositioners

  • Submicron Positioners and Embedded Measurement Systems

  • Optics Computer Controlled Polishing Machines

  • Robotics & Advanced Robotics

  • Military Applications Vision and Advanced Fast Pointing Systems


  • Active & Adaptive Optics                                              
  • High precision Optical Components and Systems Design and Manufacturing
  • Large Very Large & Extremely Large Optical & IR Telescopes
  • Advanced Instrumentation & Components for Astronomy
  • Small Medium & Large Robotic Optical & IR Telescopes
  • Telescopes Hydrostatic Support Systems
  • Computer Controlled Polishing and Polishing Machines Manufacturing
  • Termally Preformed Optics

Innova people hold college degrees  and advanced degrees in virtually every business and technical field. Our enterprise also leverages the talents of skilled people working for Innova worldwide.

Innova is organized into two business units: Innova Commercial and Innova R&D. Both units include products manufacturing. Supporting these units is Innova and WWL Capital Corporation, a global provider of financing solutions; the Shared Services Group, which provides a broad range of services to Innova; and Innova Engineering, Operations & Technology, which helps develop, acquire, apply and protect innovative technologies and processes.

  • Custom Engineered Solutions

  • Electromechanical Assembly

  • Data Acquisition Systems & Remote Control

  • Industrial Test Stands

  • CNC Machining Manufacturing

  • Test Stands for Science & Industry

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